How to change your Save the Date to a Wedding Invitation website after a few months or weeks:

To create a save the date click here

  •  Decide if you would like to use the same design as the one you used for the Save the date or if you want to create a brand new design.
  •  If you want to change the design click on the design tab on the left and change your website design.

  • Click on Theme. To customize the theme, click here. This will provide explanations on how to customize themes. 

  •  To add information to your website, click on the link. It explains all you need to know about adding information to all your website pages.

  •   After you have completed the redesign of your website you can un-hide all the pages that you have hidden before. All your website page will now be visible to your guests.

To un-hide the pages, Go back to your Dashboard. Under the heading, My Website's Pages, all the pages will be listed. Tick the box as shown below so that they all have ticks.

  •   Send a SMS or email to all you guests to invite them to your fully functional wedding invitation website.