Upon entering the url: My Wedding Online Login, the screenshot similar to the one below  will be displayed:

  • Upon creating a new user account, click on the button, I'm a new user. 

  • Fill in the required details, and click on the Sign up button.
  • Upon completing the registration process, a success message will be displayed, and consequently, a welcome email will be sent to you stating that it is a 14-day trial. 
  • Thereafter, you will be prompted to login with your new details. The following log in screen will be displayed:

Upon successful login, a user dashboard will be displayed.


After registering on the My Wedding Online website, you will be required to login. Upon logging in, the following screen will be displayed 

click on the Customize Wedding Website button.  

The following screen will be displayed:

Fill in the information required on this screen. An explanation of these fields follows:

Site main heading: This is the main heading of your wedding website and will be displayed on every page. From the above screenshot, the site main heading is Welcome to Our Wedding Website. An example is shown below



Pass code required: The pass code required helps in limiting access to your wedding website. When guests view your website, they will be prompted to enter the unique passcode. This passcode will automatically be set by the system. To enable this feature, tick the box as shown in the screenshot below: 



Note: You will only be able to view the passcode phrase when you click on the save button located below the edit your wedding website form.

Additional Security (Captcha): Ensures that your website is not spammable or that information cannot be leaked from the website. The captcha is a set of puzzles that cannot be solved by a robot. Click the box to enable the captcha.


Site Sub-Heading: According to the main screenshot, we have entered the following text as the site sub-heading: bride and groom names. 


In this heading, enter the names of the bride and groom. As shown in the screenshot below.



Site sub-heading (right-hand side): In this field, any text entered here will be displayed below the SITE- SUBHEADING. As shown below:



NOTE: We entered the text: Name1 to the field: SITE SUB- HEADING (RIGHT-HAND SIDE):


Theme: Select your desired theme here. Upon clicking on the drop down, a list of in-built themes will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:



Click on this link to create your own CUSTOM THEME


My unique website name (part of url): Here you can customise your unique website name. From the above, it is 21228This means that the url being sent to the guest will read the following: . Enter whatever name you would like to be included in your url


Website language: This is your preferred choice of language in which you would like your website to be viewed in. Select your choice of language.


Wedding date: This is the date of the wedding, upon clicking Save, it will be displayed on both the header and footer.




Footer (it displays the number of days, weeks, months or years before or after the wedding date).



Click on Save.


Upon Clicking on Save, your passcode will be displayed. Also remember to include it while sending the link to your guests.