This article will explain how to secure your wedding website

My Wedding Online has a feature called the passcode. To get your passcode, do the following:

STEP1: Log in to myweddingonline. 

STEP2: Click on the heading Get Started icon on the dashboard

The following screen will be displayed: 

PASS CODE REQUIRED: The pass code required helps in limiting access to your wedding website. Basically, when guests view your website, they will be prompted to enter the unique passcode. This passcode will automatically be set by the system. To enable this feature tick the box as shown in the picture below: 

Note: You will only be able to view the passcode phrase when you click on the save button located below the edit your wedding website form.

Click on Save.

Upon Clicking on Save, your passcode will be displayed.

Also, when sending emails and smses to your guest, the passcode will automatically be included in the body of the message.